Mobile Equipment

This section describes mobile radio monitoring equipment produced by IRCOS. They include mobile stations, systems based on those stations, mobile radio direction finders and other equipment for mobile application. The equipment can differ in sophistication level, performance figures and price. Their functions and configuration can be modified according to Customer request. This section also includes combined radio monitoring and direction finding systems based on mobile, portable and handheld equipment. We can create such systems because we take our standardized equipment for that and use software control packets exchange via radio channels.

The mobile radio monitoring equipment can be installed as stationary or temporary units either on the ground base or on an aircraft. They are designed for automated radio monitoring in a moving or standing mode and also for search, emitter detection and direction finding and radio signal measurement. The mobile equipment can be powered from supplies installed on the same vehicle. To increase electromagnetic field coverage in a "standing mode", the mobile units can use portable antenna systems installed on remote masts.

The mobile equipment cover a wide number of working frequencies and show a high performance in a dynamic range, spectrum analysis and direction finding accuracy. They use standardized units that are also applicable for stationary, portable and handheld equipment. Such standardization ensures a high reliability and maintainability of our equipment. The other advantages of the standardized units is their low weight and small sizes. With this, they include antenna systems that can be easily and quickly installed on a vehicle or alongside of it.

The mobile radio monitoring stations may also include ARC-KN2M - an integrated satellite and inertial navigation system. ARC-KN2M Navigation System can precisely find station coordinates and azimuth in the moving or standing mode (including slow manoeuvring) thus ensuring an automatic reference to the north in any conditions and increasing emitter acquisition accuracy.

ARGUMENT-I Mobile Stations are intended both for autonomous solution of radio monitoring tasks, and for operation as a part of ARMADA ARMS.

They perform the same functions as stationary stations of ARCHA family. In contract to stationary stations they can move to the area of radio transmitter operation, working on the move. It's especially important for detection, parameter measuring, signal technical analysis and localization of transmitters with low power or transmitters, which use directional antennae, e.g. Wi-Fi access points. The mobile station allows determining coverage areas both by field strength level and by immediate analysis of received signal quality.

Even single stand-alone mobile station can provide for localization of radio emitting sources

Key features of ARGUMENT Mobile Stations

  • All measuring radio monitoring equipment of the stations has technical and metrological parameters, which comply with International Telecommunication Union recommendations
  • Due to high functionality of stations and their specifications they may be used by both the Ministry of Communications and security agencies
  • Software packages support autonomous operation, remote control and data exchange over radio channels, wired and fiber optic lines.
  • Mobile radio direction finders based on ARGAMAK PLUS DRRD series operate in simultaneous processing range up to 24 MHz, operating range 1.5 - 8000 MHz (covered by one antenna system which weighs up to 50 kg), have high performance parameters (more than 100 bearings/s), provide multi-channel direction finding at the rates up to 1000 MHz/s
  • Antenna system of the direction finder is installed inside radio transparent radome and can be either removable (in this case the radome covers only the antenna system) or fixed (in this case the radome is integrated with vehicle body and covers vehicle roof completely).
  • ARGAMAK-IS DRRD for mobile facilities has instantaneous bandwidth 22 MHz, it permits to process input signals in real time. Spectrum analysis rate within simultaneous bandwidth is up to 600 GHz/s, within entire frequency range of 20 – 8000 MHz - up to 10 GHz/s
  • ARGAMAK-IS DRRD for mobile facilities ensures all necessary measurements of radio signal parameters, including electromagnetic field strength, frequency and bandwidth of radio signals. It decodes and analyzes service data used in GSM, UMTS, CDMA, TETRA, DECT, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE digital communication networks and also in DVB-T/H/T2
  • ARGAMAK-IS DRRD ensures concurrent connection of up to five antennas with a possibility of their switching and remote change of azimuth and polarization orientation.
  • Mobile station equipment has relatively small dimensions and weight.

  • ARC-POM2 Multistation Radio Monitoring and Position Finding System
  • ARGUMENT-I Mobile Measuring Radio Monitoring and Direction Finding Station
  • ARGUMENT-P Mobile Radio Monitoring and Direction Finding Station
  • ARTIKUL-M Mobile Direction Finder