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Panoramic Radio Receiver


ARGAMAK-MN with directional antenna and control and display unit

Typical Configuration:



Basic Technical Specifications in Complete Configuration


Operating frequency range 0.009 – 3000 MHz
Sensitivity for narrow FM (12.5 kHz), SINAD above 12 dB -6 dBμV, max.
IP2 and IP3 with attenuation off
IP2 30 dB, min
IP3 -6 dB, min
Noise figure 12 dB, max.
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) at external antenna input with input resistance 50 Ohm 3 max.
Spurious rejection 70 dB, min
Maximum simultaneous bandwidth 22 MHz
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 6500 MHz/s
Detected signal minimum duration 1 µs
Frequency band width for signal recording to internal storage (when available):
Within band up to 2 MHz 120 minute, min
Within 5 MHz band 60 minute, min
Within 10 MHz band 30 minute, min
Frequency band width for signal recording to PC:
Continuous up to 5 MHz
Fragments Up to 22 MHz
Control interface and digital IQ output USB 2.0
Detection, modulation types AM, FM, SSB, AT
Headphones socket Available
Battery run-time 4 hour, min
DC supply voltage 10 - 32 V
AC network power supply 90-250 V
Power consumption (without charging built-in battery), max. 15 W
Dimensions, max. 110×60×245 mm
Weight of the radio receiver, max. 1.7 kg
Operating temperature range From -40°С to +45°С

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