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Remote Controlled Frequency Down-Converter


ARC-KNV3M Frequency Down-Converter

ARC-KNV3M Frequency Down-Converter

Typical Configuration:

Basic Specifications

Operating frequency range:
with internal antenna: 3 – 8 GHz
with external antenna: 3 – 8 GHz
Output signal frequency (IF) 70 MHz
Bandpass at -3 dB level 24 MHz, min
Spurious rejection 70 dB, min
Gain error for external antenna, within operating frequency range ±3 dB, max.
Intermodulation free dynamic range (3rd and 2nd order) 75 dB, min
Noise figure, preamplifier is on 12 dB, max.
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) at external antenna input with input resistance 50 Ohm 3 max.
Field sensitivity whrn operating with internal antenna and 1 kHz bandpass 10 μV/m max.
Spurious rejection when using internal antenna 45 dB, min
Aperture angle for internal antenna at -3 dB level 70 max.°
Weight 1.5 kg, max.
Operating temperature range -20°С – +55°C
Dimensions, max. 220×220×150 mm

Directional Diagram of ARC-KNV3M

Directional Diagram of ARC-KNV3M

Supplied only as a part of technical means for radio monitoring of IRCOS JSC.

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