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Remote Controlled Frequency Down-Converter


ARC-KNV4M Frequency Down-Converter

ARC-KNV4M Frequency Down-Converter

Typical Configuration:

Basic Specifications

Operating frequency range:
with internal antenna: 3 – 18 GHz
with external antenna: 1 – 18 GHz
Output signal frequency (IF) 70 MHz
Bandpass at -3 dB level 24 MHz, min
IP3 at SNR equal to 1 within 3 kHz bandwidth 68 dB, max.
Self-noise average level within 3 kHz bandwidth -100 dB, max.
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) at external antenna input with input resistance 50 Ohm 3 max.
Field sensitivity of buit-in antenna at SNR equal to 1 within 3 kHz bandwidth max. 50 μV/m
Spurious rejection when using internal antenna 45 dB, min
Aperture angle of internal antenna at minus 3 dB level 100° max.
Operating temperature range From 0°С to +50°С
Dimensions without handle 240×220×65 mm
Weight with handle max. 1.8 kg

Supplied only as a part of technical means for radio monitoring of IRCOS JSC.

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