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About Company

IRCOS has been operating on the Russian and international markets for almost 30 years and has a considerable experience in developing and supplying automated spectrum monitoring systems and their components for the benefit of the state and private organization of the Russian Federation, as well as for other countries.

Back then, we started from creating and supplying the first-generation hardware with limited functionality based on imported radio receiving equipment and in-house developed hybrid processors. Now, we produce modern multifunctional and high-performance equipment based on our in-house design and on the basis of digital panoramic radio receivers and modules of the ARGAMAK series. Each of our radio monitoring devices with their peculiarities, functions and technical features have its users in law enforcement agencies, regulating authorities, and security departments. Our technical means (TM) have gained recognition and popularity not only in Russia but in other countries as well.

Over the years of our existence:

At the present time, IRCOS offers a wide range of modern, multifunctional radio monitoring equipment that includes ARMADA, AREAL Automated Spectrum Monitoring Systems, their components in various versions (fixed, mobile, transportable, portable and manpack) based on radio receiving modules and units of the ARGAMAK series.

The company's research on receipt and processing of signals, development and production of radio monitoring means are performed in two major areas:

1. Radio monitoring at the level of a country, city, district, institution (in cities, rural districts, industrial areas, and so on).

It main purpose is to provide information about the actual utilization of radio frequency spectrum and locations of their sources, parameters and identifiers of telecommunication systems, their compliance with existing regulations and licenses. Within the scope of this area, our company developed the ARMADA Automated Spectrum Monitoring System (ASMS) during 2009–2011. The system integrates radio monitoring means in a single network for radio monitoring at the level of a country, region, city, and district. This system corresponds the International Telecommunication Union recommendations, has a cross-platform client-server architecture, and incorporates Web technologies. ARMADA ASMS comprises radio monitoring and measuring equipment and the ARMADA software environment that ensures control of technical means, storage of results, communication to external information systems. The company has been supplying ARMADA ASMS and all of its components since 2011, including control centers, as well as fixed, mobile, portable, and manpack stations.

ARMADA ASMS was the basis of the automated system for radio frequency spectrum monitoring which was used during the 27th Summer Universiade that was held in the city of Kazan in July 2013. This system included a situation room that performed the control center functions fixed remotely-controlled stations for radio monitoring and direction finding, mobile measurement laboratories, mobile radio monitoring stations, as well as manpack equipment. Among the features of this system is the use of compact remotely-controlled radio monitoring stations installed at the Universiade sites for round-the-clock monitoring of the electromagnetic environment and preventive protection of the most important frequency bands.

In 2018 National Automated Spectrum Monitoring System ARMADA was supplied and implemented in a foreign country. Now it's successfully operated.

This type of technical means is mostly used by radio frequency service of the Russian Federation, mobile communication operators, long-distance radio monitoring services, and so on. At the present time, ARMADA ASMS is enlarged with new functions. Its components are becoming even more popular in the Russian Federation and supplied to foreign customers.

2. Revealing of unauthorized radio emitters

The main purpose is detection of unauthorized radio emission and localization of their sources in the areas of locally performed operations, in large regions, within a limited enclosed territory, as well as at premises of a territory under control, in stand-alone buildings or vehicles. The main consumers of the equipment and software are law enforcement, regulatory, security, and institutional agencies.

As far as this area is concerned, our company has long-term experience in supplying the systems for detection, direction finding and localization of radio emission sources, equipment for identification of radio emission in premises, control of efficiency of data protection technical means, distant radio monitoring of premises, as well as checking local zones and vehicles. These technical means have been used successfully for many years in the Russian Federation and abroad, and they are becoming even more popular.

At the present time, technical means that provide a comprehensive solution in the area are integrated in family of AREAL-1 - AREAL-7 Automated Radio Monitoring Systems. Each of these systems provides centralized control of the radio monitoring equipment operation at various remote guarded sites.