Technical Means for Radio Monitoring

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Contributions of the Russian Federation to ITU-R Study Group 1 (SG 1) “Spectrum management” developed on the basis of IRCOS JSC materials. Information concerning the role of IRKOS JSC in development of contributions as well as in relation to procedures for submission of contributions and implementation of the proposals set out in them, see here.

Automated Radio Monitoring Systems and their Components, Moscow, 2017, Goryachaya Liniya-Telecom press (in Russian).

A.P. Pavlyuk, A. Yu. Plossky. 
Adjusting borders of coverage zones associated with various spectrum monitoring functions.
– Znanstvena Misel Journal (Slovenia), No 17, April, 2018. (In Russian).
Full draft article in English in PDF format (1787 kb).

International Regulations of Radiocommunication Services, Moscow, 2018, - 672 p. LENAND Publishing House (in Russian).

A.P. Pavlyuk, S.Yu. Pastukh, A. Yu. Plossky.
An approach to development of Guidelines on formulation the technical requirements for spectrum management systems.
– Trudi (Proceedings of) NIIR № 2, 2016.
Full draft article in English in PDF format (99 kb).

D.A. Alekseev, A.V. Ashikhmin, S.G. Kobelev, V.A. Kozmin, A.M. Rembovsky, D.S. Sysoev, L.S. Tsarev. 
Full draft article in English in PDF format (812 kb).

V.A. Kozmin, A.P. Pavlyuk, A.B. Tokarev. Requirements to a radio-frequency spectrum occupancy evaluation. -  Electrosviaz, № 6, 2014.
Full draft article in English in PDF format. (422 kb)

V.A. Kozmin, A.P. Pavlyuk, A.B. Tokarev. Comparison of spectrum monitoring coverage features of AOA and TDOA geolocation methods. -  Electrosviaz, № 2, 2014.
Full draft article in English in PDF format (287 kb).

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Summary of the book. The book is also published in Engish (see above).

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Full article in English in PDF format.

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Full article in English in PDF format.