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Automated Radio Monitoring System
for Detection of Unauthorized Radio Emissions

One of the priority areas in the development of automated systems and radio monitoring equipment is detection of unauthorized transmissions of any communication systems, including those made by command link transmitters and data lines of controlled air drones (AD), as well as localization of radio emission sources in confined spaces, inside buildings, as well as vehicle-based sources, etc. Main users of such systems are law enforcement, overseeing, security, and departmental structures.

ASR AREAL is intended for revealing of unauthorized radio emission and localization of their sources. It's based on the same hardware software platform as ARMADA ASMS. ASR AREAL can perform continuous, periodic, or on-demand radio monitoring. The configuration of included technical means varies accordingly.

The main task of ASMS is achieved by searching "new" radio emissions, assessment of their hazard degree, localization of their sources and, eventually, displaying results of their work on electronic plans of objects and maps, saving information in the databases of the radio electronic environment. ASR AREAL enables the user to:

ASR AREAL configuration depends on operation scenarios, task execution time and periodicity of radio monitoring.

Maximum ASR AREAL configuration includes Control Center and technical means distributed over the monitored territory and in premises. One of these technical means can be located at the same place as the Control Center.

The necessary amount of radio monitoring technical means in ASR AREAL depends on the monitored area, its relief, the time assigned for the radio monitoring task In an ideal case, any point of the monitored area must be located within the coverage of at least two equipment units determining the RES coordinates and parameters. However, in case of such an approach the price of the system can be unreasonable high, so there can be used another approach to ARMS design: a radio monitoring system shall comprise fixed stations with combined coverage of the highest-perimeter areas; mobile stations installed on land, air, or water vehicles; and portable (transportable) stations, which can be rapidly deployed in respective areas.

Actual electromagnetic availability area (EAA) of ASR AREAL is determined by the quantity of equipment used, its EAA sensitivity and the antenna system altitude. Precise determination of RES position depends on instrument accuracy of the equipment used and quantity of the RES monitoring equipment within the monitored area.

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