Technical Means for Radio Monitoring

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Remote Indoor Radio Monitoring System


BUVM-R Remote Modules Control Unit

BUVM-R Remote Module Control Unit and remote module with antenna systems

Typical configuration:

Rack with control and switch units

Rack with control and switch units



ARC-ABS External Wi-Fi Analyzer


Structural Diagram of ARC-D13R

Structural Diagram of ARC-D13R

System provides:

Technical Specifications

Number of premises under control up to 124
Operating frequency range in complete configuration 25 – 8000 MHz
Input IP3 within frequency range from 20 to 3000 MHz -10 dBm, min.
Maximum simultaneous bandwidth 5 MHz
Maximum panorama spectrum analysis rate (with 12.5 kHz spectrum discreteness) 1.6 GHz/s, min
Detected signal minimum duration 100 µs
Min. power of emitted signal detectable inside premise with dimensions of 8х8 m max. (signal bandwidth is 50 kHz max, signal frequency is above 30 MHz):
within 0.02 - 3 GHz range 50 µW
within 3 - 8 GHz range 70 µW
Continuous operation time 24 hours
Minimum number of operators in shift 1

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