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Portable Automatic Direction Finder

Direction finding techniques and equipment are protected by the RF patents.


ARTIKUL-P Direction Finder disarranged for transportation

ARTIKUL-P Direction Finder disarranged for transportation

Typical configuration:

ARTIKUL-P Direction Finder deployed for operation

ARTIKUL-P Direction Finder deployed for operation


ARTIKUL-P with communication equipment

ARTIKUL-P with communication equipment when operated as a part of DF network

Direction Finder Provides:

Antenna system of the direction finder comprises two arrays: basic and additional ones. The basic array consists of nine flat antenna elements mounted on foldable cross-arms. The additional array extends frequency range up to 3 GHz. It comprises seven antenna elements installed inside protective radome. Antenna system contains integrated satellite navigation module, which provides for finding orientation and coordinates of antenna system.

Technical Specifications

Operating frequency range 25 - 3000 MHz
Intermodulation free dynamic range (3rd and 2nd order) 75 dB, min
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 3 500 MHz/s
DF method Correlative interferometer
Operating azimuth range 0° - 360°
Processed emitter signal spectrum width Arbitrary
DF field sensitivity 6 µV/m (typical 2 µV/m)
Instrument accuracy (RMS)
Multi-channel direction finding rate up to 150 MHz/s
Single-channel direction finding rate 30 bearing/s
Total weight of equipment and accessories max. 65 kg
Required number of operators for transportation up to 3
Weight of the antenna system (with cased mast) max. 24 kg
Weight of the backpack with spare parts and accessories max. 32 kg
Weight of power generator with reeled 20 m cable max. 18 kg
Time of deployment by two operators max. 15 minutes
Deployment site preparation Not required

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