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Tuner Module


ARC-PS7 Module

ARC-PS7 Module

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Technical Specifications

Operating frequency range 20-3000 MHz
Number of receiving channels 1
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) at antenna input with input resistance 50 Ohm 3 max.
Maximum allowable input voltage 130 dBµV
Noise figure (with preamplifier on) for unswitched inputs 12 dB, max.
Attenuation 0 - 60 dB, incr 1 dB
Max. simultaneous bandwidth (bandpass) at ±3.0 dB variation 100 MHz, min.
Additional analog bandwidth 1,2; 24; 80 MHz
Receiver tuning resolution 105 Hz
Single-signal spurious, Image and IF rejection 80 dB, min
Phase noise level of heterodyne when mistuning at 10 kHz -100 dBs/Hz, max.
Input IP2, attenuation off 40 dBmW min.
Input IP3, attenuation off 10 dBmW min.
Relative frequency instability of the built-in reference generator max. ±5×10-7
Typical retuning time 500 µs
Parameters of external reference generator input:
Frequency 10 MHz or 12.8 MHz
Level 0±3 dBm
Control interface RS-485
DC supply voltage 9 - 32 V
Power consumption 12 W, max.
Dimensions, max. 100×168×16 mm
Weight 0.5 kg, max.
Operating temperature range -40°C … +75°C
Relative humidity at 25°С max. 98%
Maximum altitude above-sea level 4500 m

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