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Fixed Measuring Radio Monitoring and Direction Finding Station


ARCHA-IN Station

ARCHA-IN Station. Antenna systems of ARTIKUL-S Direction Finder (left one) and ARGAMAK-IS Strength Meter (right one) on a building's roof

Typical configuration:

Direction finding workstation:

Measuring workstation:

Technical analysis workstation:

Common system equipment:


Example of structural diagram of ARCHA-IN Station

Example of structural diagram of ARCHA-IN Station


Station provides:

In case of joint operation, the stations provides:

Technical specifications of the station are depend on the technical specifications of ARTIKUL-S, ARGAMAK-IS, ARGAMAK-CS, ARC-PS330.

Typical curves of RMS and DF sensitivity vs. frequency for direction finder of ARCHA-IN Station are the same as curves given for ARTIKUL-S Fixed Direction Finder.

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