Technical Means for Radio Monitoring

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Software provided by IRCOS is comprised of SMO-ARMADA software environment ensuring operation of radio monitoring automated systems, including ARMADA and AREAL, and also software packages for on-line modes allowing the user to interact with the radio monitoring means. The software is based on a client-server architecture and web-technologies capable of flexible customization, considering organizational particulars of the infrastructure, network of radio monitoring means, and functions required by users.

Technical means of radio monitoring manufactured by IRCOS implement the principle of the software defined radio (SDR), on the basis of which software performs the overwhelming majority of operations to process signals and control radio monitoring equipment, ensures multi-functionality without additional hardware modifications.

The software consists of two inseparable parts. The first part is hardware or firmware stored in or loaded into the equipment during operation. It defines modes operation of controllers, digital signal processors, programmable logic integral circuits, etc., which are the structural parts of the equipment. The second part is software for external computer and network equipment: control servers, personal computers, routers, automated workstations, etc. used to control operation of the automated system in general and an individual piece of the radio monitoring equipment in particular, and to store, send and process data in multiple formats, displaying it in a format suitable for an user.

The supplied software seamlessly scales and allows customizing the hierarchically organized structures of automated systems to the needs of individual users. The software has an open architecture, which enables connection of additional software subsystems and modules, including ones developed by third-party manufacturers.

Other features of the software:

The software enables operation in scheduled and on-line modes. In the scheduled mode, the functioning is automatic according to a preset schedule. This mode makes possible to manage a large equipment fleet from a single workstation by a single operator, as well as performance of tasks without communication channels available. In the on-line mode, the operators work interactively with chosen hardware, they are able to solve quickly complex and non-routine radio monitoring tasks in real-time. Functions implemented by radio monitoring means can be divided into several groups: panoramic analysis and direction finding of radio signals, measurement of parameters, technical analysis, indoor radio monitoring, study of compromising emanations, localization of radio emission sources, evaluating coverage areas, etc. A certain software package supports each group of the functions with similar interface retained, which is automatically configured depending on hardware features.

This section describes the software packages designed for the equipment manufactured by our company. All the software packages there are Certificates of State Registration.